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Make your business more cost-effective and cheaper for your customers

There are a number of ways you can make your business cost-effective and save money without compromising the quality of service you provide to customers. One of these increasingly popular ways of getting your business on the move is to use free business savings advice.

In time of recession the government is willing to support businesses with providing advice and guidance on how to boost growth and create jobs. Greater support for innovation and decisive action from the government to cut red tape might encourage more people to start their own businesses in future. However, if you are an existing trade, one way of cutting cost effectively is to seek professional advice.

One of the companies that can be useful to your business has been recognised as one of Britain’s fastest-growing companies in this year’s Sunday Times Fast Track 100, published today.

‘Make It Cheaper’ will offer your business free and impartial advice to about a range of overheads including energy efficiency and how to get your supplies cheaper.

In the past 12 months it has saved 50,000 business customers in the region of £100 million by cutting an average of 30% off their bills, either by switching suppliers or helping to re-negotiate deals with existing ones.

Jonathan Elliott, founder and managing director of Make It Cheaper, commented:

“Whereas larger businesses often have the experience, resources and necessary clout to negotiate good prices with suppliers, most SMEs do not. And there are over four million of them in the UK. Make It Cheaper has answered a call from these businesses to represent their interests in a David & Goliath fight for a fair deal on a number of essentials from electricity to credit card charges. The money we help businesses save goes straight to its bottom line as pure profit, without it having to increase its sales.”

What is your opining on using a free business savings advice? Do you think they have the potential to transform your business as they say? Let us know by sharing your comments below: