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Train4TradeSkills Students Top Studying Tips: Part 2

Are you training to be an electrician or plumber with Train4TradeSkills and want some studying tips?

Train4TradeSkills students now share their top studying tips to help you when studying on your course. All of the interviews are from Train4TradeSkills Radio, our student radio service.

Don’t forget that you can listen to all the student interviews from T4TS Radio at www.audioboo.fm/train4tradeskills and download all the stories on our Scribd page at www.scribd.com/train4tradeskills

Megan Morphew

Plumbing Course

“When I go through the books I like to highlight the things and write them in a separate book, so it’s easy to refer to and it’s in my language, so I can understand it properly and it’s made it easier for me to learn.”

Sam O’Hemeng

Plumbing Course

“Best bit of advice is to take your time with it, don’t try and rush, because there’s quite a lot to read when you get it all through. A lot of people think the quicker I get through the quicker I’m done, but it doesn’t pay to rush through it – just take your time and make sure you understand it.”

Matthew Holly

Plumbing Course

“What I tend to do is write things down. in my Bristolian accent and things I know and it just works out for me a lot easier by doing that. Some people are very lucky and can take things down and suck it all in, but I start reading and end up staring through the pages. At least when you’re writing it down and you see a question, you sort of go back to it – and I found that really does help.

Dan Hardy

Plumbing Course

“What I do to get it lodged in my brain is make posters with little bullet points and put them all around my flat and above the toilet. So when I go to the toilet I can just read the post-it and it lodges in my mind. Just that really – that’s what I’ve been doing and it seems to work.”

Barry Dillaway

Plumbing Course

“Basically you’ve just got to buckle down to read all the books and manuals and take it stage by stage. Spend at least 2 hours a day reading the manuals.”

Craig Rushbrook

Plumbing Course

“I find reading through passages and making bullet points in a separate notebook and picking out the important parts works well for me. And then every 20 minutes just take a short break.”

You can listen to Megan, Sam, Matthew, Dan, Barry and Craig’s Interviews from Train4TradeSkills Radio and read the interviews at www.train4tradeskills.wordpress.com